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A Letter to Teachers in the New Year

To my child’s teacher this new year,

As Christmas break is winding down, and my kids have pushed me past my breaking point, I can’t help but think that you are truly a saint.

Thank you for juggling 20+ children the weeks leading up to this break. You helped my child learn math and reading skills when all they could focus on was sugar and presents and finding that darn elf. 

I have been on Christmas break with four kids for ten days, and I am on the verge of losing my salvation and my sanity. Bless your heart for SHOWING UP that first day back to school. You may have your own kids at home on break, but handling life with your littles is probably a cake walk compared to leading the circus in your classroom that first day back, and I won’t even pretend it’s not. We both know those kids haven’t been on any sort of schedule for two weeks. They have eaten more sugar and starchy treats than anyone wants to admit, and not a single one of them has gotten enough exercise for two weeks because the temperature outside is stuck in negative digits, and nobody is having it.

I truly hope you have been able to spend your Christmas break on a tropical island, being waited on hand and foot, while you lounge by the pool. But we all know that likely wasn’t the case, because—hello, teacher salary. Just know that I would have bought you that all-inclusive trip for Christmas if I could have, because we all know you have more than earned it.

Thank you for teaching our sweet angels all the things, and for caring for them as if they were your own….except you can’t really take care of them as if they were your own because corporal punishment is illegal and you also can’t send them to their room when you need a moment of silence…

I hope you know how much you are truly appreciated in this new year. We see you waking up early and staying at school late. We see you taking papers home to grade, and even planning our kids’ lessons—probably over your break!

We know the work you do is not easy, and we know you wouldn’t do it if you didn’t love it.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for loving our kids as if they were your own. Thank you for pouring into them day after day. Thank you for not only helping them become better readers, but also better humans.

Thank you for modeling empathy and patience far better than I could.

Thank you for never giving up on our kids, even when they have driven you completely insane.

May the new year be filled with an abundance of caffeine,  a copy machine that never jams, parents who never complain, and plenty of bathroom breaks. And maybe even a few moments of silence.

You deserve all this and more.

Happy New Year, teachers.

May we parents never take you for granted.

And for your sake, may summer break arrive quickly. But also, maybe it could take its time. I’m just not ready yet.

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