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Daylight Savings Time vs. Parents

Let’s talk about Daylight Savings Time. You remember Daylight Savings Time before kids, right? No. Of course not. Because before kids, you just SLEPT. You could change your clock before you went to bed, and you woke up the next day feeling completely normal. It was a non-memorable event.

But Daylight Savings as a parent is like PUNISHMENT. In the fall, you get your hopes up. You naively think that you will be getting an extra hour of sleep when your clock “falls back.” You go to bed with hopes and dreams of extra sleep, and you wake up at 5 am with a toddler jumping on your bed asking for breakfast. Because kids don’t understand the time change. Maybe they normally wake up at 7:00. Of course, today, they wake up an hour early, which would be 6:00. But thanks to the time change, it’s now 5:00. And if your kids are like mine, they have an internal clock that alerts them anytime I’m about to get enough rest to function like a normal human. I imagine it’s like an alarm that goes off in a robot sounding voice that says, “MUST. DESTROY. SLEEP.”

Of course, there’s the dreaded spring time change, when the clocks move forward and we just lose an hour. How is this even fair?  This is one of the saddest days, especially if you’re like me and have a baby who wakes you up through the night because eating is more fun than sleeping. On daylight savings night in the spring, you could potentially witness the hour disappear right before your eyes. You’re up with baby at 1:00 am, and you finally get him back to sleep. You climb in your bed and glance at your phone. And you see the time go from 1:59 to 3:00, and you want to cry a million tears. You feel robbed of that hour of sleep, and you are so devastated to be one hour closer to your alarm going off. It’s tragic. How does it just vanish? Where does it go? {It’s probably run off somewhere with all of my missing socks…}

A friend tells me, “Just put the kids to bed a little later so they’ll sleep in.” Rookie mistake. Kids don’t just “sleep in.” They wake up the same time they always do, just grouchier.

And Daylight Savings always seems to show up when you finally feel like you have a good rhythm going, right? In the fall, you finally feel settled into a good school routine, and then BAM. Daylight Savings gets everyone off track, and you have to start all over.

In the spring, you are nearing the end of winter. Your children have been cooped up in the house for what feels like ages. Everyone needs spring to come quickly. But instead of warm weather and exercise, we first get to have our entire schedule shaken up by losing an hour of sleep. Then it takes another two weeks to adjust to the change. Because kids.

So parents, as you prepare for the time change this weekend, I have literally no advice. Just sleep when you can. Pray. Bribe the children to stay in bed. Do whatever you need to do to get enough sleep to function. I’ll be right there with you. Chugging the coffee. Oh, just try not to be late for church. That’s all I’ve got. Good luck.

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