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For all the Moms Ready for Summer Break

It’s that time of year where you can feel summer is almost here, and all the mommas are ready for it. Listen, I’ll be the first to admit that I am literally limping to the finish line. Back in August, my kids brought perfectly packed, healthy, well-balanced lunches to school in their brand new lunch boxes….but now, one of my kids is using a gift bag because she has lost two lunchboxes in the last month, and I refuse to have any more lunch box fatalities on my watch. As far as their actual lunch, they now just get whatever we can find in the fridge. It’s a free for all. Nothing intentional happening in there anymore. Every man for himself.


For months I did so great at signing agendas and checking folders, and I’m so done I just can’t bring myself to do it anymore.

I also lived in great denial that May was in fact coming. So I need to actually look at my calendar and brace myself for the insanity this month brings. {Mommas, listen. From now until the end of time, May will be crazy. Whether your kids are in elementary, junior high, high school, even college…May = insanity. From field trips, to exams, ceremonies and programs, theme days and extra projects. It’s all saved for May because it’s fun to test and see how much a mom can handle storing in her brain before it literally explodes}.

Last year, my daughter had this calendar for the last 26 days of school. A new letter for each day. A new theme for each letter. I lovingly referred to this as “26 opportunities for mommy to fail.” Because when you have three kids at three different schools, and they all have various theme days, there is no physical way to keep it all straight and perfect. You are juggling 26 balls, and you are inevitably going to drop some. I remember when my first grader slumped into her seat after school all pouty, and when I asked what was wrong, she said, “Today was dress like your favorite book character day.” I’ve never felt more awful. Here I was feeling proud for remember to dress the pre-schooler like a pirate and remembering the oldest science project. And for remembering all of the things that had to do with Teacher Appreciation Week (because each day had a new theme, too). Ya’ll. I had remembered to do 11 things for that week. I forgot one. ONE. And she was so sad. I begged for forgiveness and bought her some ice cream. I know she doesn’t even remember that day, but I’ll never forget it. So if that happens to you, please. For the love. Just roll with it. You’re not alone. It won’t be the last time something is forgotten. You’re still a great mom. I’m giving you a virtual hug.

I HAVE to thank our current school for allowing me to sign a permission slip that covered all field trips in August when I signed all the other forms at registration. This is my absolute favorite. Why is this not a thing every where? One blanket permission slip, signed in the beginning of the year. It basically says “If the whole class goes somewhere, my kid can go too!” Yes. So last week when my type A daughter asked me if I had signed her permission slip for her field trip the answer was YES. {Followed by a dance that resembled Chandler dancing on the coffee table}. In the past, the answer may have been, “What permission slip? You didn’t give me a permission slip? When was it due?” {Usually yesterday}. Stress. Panic. Repeat.

Shout out to all of the teachers who keep showing up, day in and day out. We thought things were crazy back in December, but just imagine those poor teachers in May…trying to get kids to keep learning new sight words and math facts when the sun is finally shining and the kids can finally wear shorts and the only thing they can think about is getting outside to run off all their energy they’ve been storing up for the last five months. Teachers are still working their tails off, pushing our kids to do their best until the end and finish strong. Anyone who thinks teachers get “two whole months off for summer” are kidding themselves. Our teachers are still giving everything they have to our kids, and they’re also working overtime to prepare for next year. They are making the end of the year fun and memorable so kids keep paying attention…and they are juggling their own family’s May schedule while they’re at it! Teachers, I see you working on your continuing education during your “time off.” I know that your day is no 8:00-3:00. I also know that (unlike many jobs) you can’t just take a bathroom break when you feel like it. Teachers, we love you and appreciate you. We want to send you all on a cruise to a tropical island for summer break because you deserve it! On behalf of all the other moms limping to the finish line, I’m collectively sorry that we have so little to give to the end of the year. So thanks for being you, and thank you for putting up with us terrible end of the year parents. We promise to be better come August.

In the meantime, I’ll be counting down the days to summer break. And dreaming of days where kids sleep past 7:00, and no one has to rush out the door before 8:00. And lunchboxes will be a thing of the past. Summer, we are so ready for you!

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