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Friendship, Coffee, & Photography

For the past five years, I have had the pleasure of being friends with fellow Mom and Jesus follower, Teresa. We met at a moms’ play group turned Bible study, and have been cheering each other on ever ever since.

We have taken each other meals when life was overwhelming, encouraged each other when life was unbearable, and laughed together over coffee and chai tea lattes at our favorite local coffee house.

We have spent many hours watching each others’ kids to give each other a break, and we have been there to drop off or pick up one another’s kids at school in a pinch.

I was there when Teresa first started her photography business. I remember her telling me about her dream to photograph families. It wasn’t just a hope to earn an income from home, although that was a definite perk. When she would talk about this dream of owning her own photography business, she longed to make beautiful photographs that families would hang on their walls and treasure for years to come. From the beginning, it was always about the people she would one day work with.

I’m so thankful that I have been able to see her dream come to fruition as she started Teresa Klokkenga Photography four years ago. I have witnessed her incredible dedication and hard work, as she improves her skill. I have seen her take a dream and turn it into a successful business.

That’s why she was one of the first people I talked to about my dream to start the Messy Mom blog, because I knew she would understand both the far off dream as well as the desire to earn an income while working from home…{without thinking I was totally crazy!}

So when I got to sit with her earlier this week at a coffee shop, it was so nice to get a chance to catch up. Since my family moved earlier this year, we no longer live in the same town. Although our visits are no longer as often as they once were, she’s the type of friend you can just pick up right where you left off.

I’m blessed by her friendship, her encouragement, and her photography skills…and her willingness to snap a few shots of me in my happy place. {Have I mentioned how much I love coffee?}

If you are in the St. Louis area, southern or central Illinois, and looking for a great family photographer, look up Teresa Klokkenga Photography. She is one of the friendliest photographers in the business, and her work is stunning. She was even named one of the top 19 St. Louis photographers by Best of all is her heart. A portion of each of her sessions goes to Mosaic pregnancy center, which provides help for women in crisis pregnancy situations. Check out her gorgeous work here and like her on Facebook.

You are a joy, my friend. Any time I get to spend with you is always a blessing. Thanks for being you.

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