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I Used to be the Perfect Mom…

I used to be the perfect mombefore I had kids. I spent my entire pregnancy reading books about pregnancy. I could tell you what to eat and what not to eat. I knew which medications were safe and which to stay away from. I could tell you the size of the baby every week based on what size of fruit she resembled. I don’t mean to brag, but I was really good at being pregnant. I was the perfect mom…throughout my entire first pregnancy.


Then…the baby came. And although I had spent so much time preparing for pregnancy, I hadn’t read any books on how to actually care for this tiny person {or myself!} after going through all my body had gone through. I didn’t learn about my hormones or the emotional roller coaster ride in my future. I didn’t read about breastfeeding or learn how much of a challenge that would be. {This was before Pinterest was a thing…ok?}. I hadn’t read about feeding schedules, sleep training, baby soothing, potty training, or toddler tantrums.


I most certainly did not study on what to do when baby cried incessantly, despite being fed, dry, and held. In my youthful ignorance, I thought pregnancy was the hard part and having a baby would be a breeze. {Can we all share a moment of silence for poor, young, clueless 25 year old me?}. Imagine my surprise when I spent countless hours trying to get my brand new baby girl to sleep {or at least stop crying} through the entire duration of our first night home together.


My type B, go with the flow personality just thought everything would fall into place. I had diapers, wipes, clean clothes {washed in that special baby scented detergent, because I was new here. I thought it was A MANDATORY THING}. Bless my heart.


That was the preparation I did. I was not prepared for the messiness that goes along with parenting. As it turns out, parenting doesn’t fit into a tiny little box. There is no algorithm to perfect parenting. Little did I know, there would be blow out diapers, toddler tantrums and sleepless nights. There will be seasons of life where we don’t make it anywhere on time because a child can’t find her shoes, has to poop, misplaced her jacket, imitates a sloth, has the wrong color sippy cup, and/or wants to buckle his own car seat.

While I was not fully prepared for this beautiful thing called parenthood, I’m so thankful for the journey and all I’m learning along the way. Becoming a mom has helped me understand God’s insane love for us on a whole new level. I have a better appreciation for His incredible creation of human life. How could you not after witnessing the miracle of birth? I have birthed four babies, and I am still in awe of our Creator and the privilege to carry and deliver life into the world. Parenthood has also required me to rely on God in ways I never knew before, and challenged me to understand grace in ways I never imagined.

Parenthood is messy, there is no denying it. But parenthood is also a beautiful, wonderful, gift. It is ever changing, with each stage of your children’s lives. Just when you think you have it figured out, a brand new challenge presents itself! Stay the course, and love your tribe fiercely. And when you feel like you are at the end of your rope, lock yourself in your closet, take a deep breath, and remember this: You are not alone in the journey. You have an angel army on your side, to carry you when you are too tired to go on. You don’t walk this path alone, no matter how discouraged you may get.


It most certainly is messy at times, but motherhood is absolutely perfectly imperfect. 


***What books did you read when you were pregnant? How did motherhood surprise you after you first became a mom?

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