Loaded Baked Potato Soup

There are certain foods that trigger certain memories in my life. When my husband and I were dating (15+ years ago!), I LOVED Bennigan’s Restaurant…and I loved their baked potato soup. {Is Bennigan’s still around? I’ll have to look into that…}

Anyways, I have tried many different ways to make baked potato soup. From actually baking potatoes {Why would a recipe make you do this? Who has time for that?}….to boiling potatoes in water and kind of “mashing” them…{again…why would that be a thing? This made mashed potato soup. Not what I was going for}.

I have finally found the bestest, creamiest way to make baked potato soup. 

It’s the best comfort food on a cold day. Or a rainy day. Or any day, really. Let’s be honest.

And it’s most delicious if you commit to the experience and just load it up with toppings. Because who wants a plain baked potato? Not me.

I love this recipe because you can make it in a slow cooker, or you can just cook it on the stove in less than an hour.

I love using my Dutch oven for soups. You can use it on the stove top, put it in the oven…it heats evenly, and cooks beautifully.

Like any good, creamy soup, it all starts with butter. {Everything is better with buttah}.

Add the flour, and make a roux. This is what makes your soup thick and creamy.

I was juggling kids and dinner, and didn’t get a good picture of my roux. Basically it’s equal parts melted butter and flour. Once they start to get nice and brown and bubbly, you have your roux. {Pronounced like ROO. You’re welcome}.

Ok. The next step is to add milk. But listen. It’s really up to you how you do this. You can add boring old 2% milk, and everything will be just fine. But you could also live on the edge a little and use a combination of equal parts whole milk and half &half. If you REALLY want to experience life, you can use whole milk and heavy whipping cream. But I’m not here to tell you how to live your life. You can use whatever you choose. Just be sure to use a silicone whisk to combine the milk with your roux.

Add 4-5 potatoes, peeled, rinsed, and diced.

Then bring to a boil, stirring often. You can add more milk {or half & half, or heavy whipping cream. You do you.} if it seems too thick for your liking. Just be sure you boil the soup for 15-20 minutes. Long enough for the potatoes to get nice and soft.

Season the soup with plenty of salt and pepper. I also like to add a dash of garlic just for fun.

Of course, the most important part in my book is the toppings. I love a nice big bowl of loaded potato soup. Give me cheese, sour cream, bacon, green onions. I’ll take all of it. You only live once. Eat the bacon.

I hear you can save time and buy bacon crumbles in a bag. I like frying up the bacon myself to crumble on top. I just cook it up when the soup cooks. I’m there anyways. But again, you do you. I won’t judge.

That’s all there is to it! Let me know if you try this recipe, and be sure to tell me what you think. This has become a staple in our family’s dinner menu rotation, because 5 out of 6 people will eat it. And that’s a win in my book!


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Loaded Baked Potato Soup

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