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The Dreaded Task: Swapping Kids’ Clothes with the Seasons

I love fall. I do. I appreciate a PSL just as much as the next girl. The weather is amazing and the leaves are beautiful.. yada, yada yada. It’s great. It’s fine. Whatever. But let’s be real. Anyone who is going on and on about how much they love Fall never had to spend an entire day switching out kids’ summer clothes for the fall. Am I right?

A friend was telling me the other day that she had spent the day switching out clothes for her {five!} kids. I just wanted to hug her and hand her a trophy and a bowl of ice cream right then and there, because we both knew she had earned it.

I would like the seasons to stay the same forever, so I never have to switch out seasonal clothes again. There. I said it. This is a task I put off for as long as I can. My kids are the ones in shorts when the weather is questionably cool, and all the other kids are wearing pants and jackets. Because switching clothes with the seasons is pure torture. And by the way, if you do it too soon, there will inevitably be 12,000 more weeks of summer. Timing is everything, my friends.

I have to dedicate nearly an entire day to the process, getting nothing else accomplished. If I do it when all the children are home, the house is legitimately destroyed by the time I have put away the very last bin. If I do it while they are in school, it’s the only task that gets accomplished in the course of the day!

In order to accomplish this task, I need all the kids’ laundry caught up, because I don’t want to deal with packing more things away later. It’s time for all shorts and tank tops to hibernate for the winter. All of them. It’s all or nothing. I need this job to be done when it’s done.

Then I have to lug the heavy bins of fall/winter clothes out of the basement. I have four kids…that’s four. Heavy. Bins. Up the stairs.

Then things really start getting crazy, because you have to pull everything out of the closet/dressers before you can refill them with the items from the bin…..but you can’t yet put those unneeded items in the bin because it’s still full of the fall clothes. What this essentially means is THERE WILL BE CLOTHES EVERYWHERE. There’s no stopping it. We spend our days cleaning up, organizing, trying to keep things in line, and switching out our kids’ clothing for the seasons goes against the very nature of what we do as moms. We are literally making a huge mess that we will have to turn around and clean up ourselves.

So you have piles of summer clothes in various sizes…piles of winter clothes in various sizes…piles of clothes that no longer fit any one…and piles of tears because you still aren’t finished yet.

If there is a way to get through switching out seasonal clothing without anxiety and stress…and a massive mess…I would love for you to share it with me. In the meantime, I’ll be crying into my bins of clothes for the next seven hours or so.

So to all the mamas swapping out clothing this week. Solidarity. Godspeed. May your day begin with espresso and end with ice cream. You got this, Mama. {And if you donate half of it to Goodwill so you don’t have to deal with it, I promise not to tell anyone}.

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