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What You Really Need for Baby..and What to Skip!

A friend of mine is pregnant with her first baby. She recently posted the question to other veteran moms, “What do I need? What can I live without?

This got me thinking about what I had with my first baby nine years ago, and what I have with my fourth baby now. What was the same, and what was different? What did I have nine years ago that I never used? And what did I get this time around that I wish I would have had back then?

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I compiled a list of things you will definitely appreciate having when baby comes, as well as a list of things I think you can live without. Here we go!


What Do I Need for My Baby?

  • Rock ‘n Play Sleeper-Our fourth baby slept in our room in the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, and it was a amazing. We didn’t have much space in our previous house, so it was the perfect cozy place for him to sleep next to our bed. It folds up easily, so it can be put away or used throughout the house during the day if needed. This is so handy, I definitely recommend!

  • Sound Machine-This is something I did not have with my first baby, but I wish I would have. Now that we have three older children in addition to a baby, the sound machine is basically mandatory if I want my little guy to sleep with other kiddos around. This one is great because it can be plugged into an outlet or used with batteries on the go.

  • Dekor Diaper Pail-We had a diaper genie with our first baby, and it was not something I wanted to purchase again. I didn’t love how difficult it was to change, and I didn’t love purchasing expensive refills.  With baby number four, I took a friend’s advice and bought a Dekor Diaper Pail, and I’m so glad I did! It is 100% easier to empty when it’s full. It comes in colors to match your baby’s nursery. Best of all, I love that I can use a regular trash bag inside of the bin if I choose to. Love it!
  • Travel System with Jogging Stroller-This is what I always tell my first time mom friends: If you’re going to get a stroller, get a jogging stroller….especially if you plan on going places like the zoo, park, or anywhere outdoors. The rubber wheels on a jogging stroller make it so much easier to push on any terrain. With my first baby we had two strollers, because I didn’t know how amazing the jogging stroller was until after I used it. I loved that the infant seat could clip into that stroller too, and I ended up never using the other stroller. With baby number four, we got this exact system again because we absolutely love it! It folds up easily, fits in the trunk of a car or van. The car seat is great as well. We used this brand with three out of four of our kids, and we would highly recommend it!
  •  Boppy-I would definitely recommend that new moms get themselves a Boppy! I loved using my Boppy nursing pillow with all four kiddos. Don’t let the “nursing” pillow title fool you; it’s helpful to feed baby with breast or bottle. I highly recommend. Also, I didn’t think I needed an extra cover, because I was super clueless about how messy babies were. {True story. I wrote about it here}. Definitely get 1-2 extra covers.
  •  Wabanub Pacifier-Not only are these amazingly adorable, but they are super convenient as well. Listen, my first child was a pacifier baby. By seven months old, I’m sure we had lost at least 7.2 million pacifiers {give or take}. Baby number four is my other pacifier baby, and he has only had two pacifiers. He has the puppy and the giraffe Wabanub. We have never lost one because the little animal on it makes it nearly impossible to lose! Plus he always has a little toy with him to snuggle. So cute! Check out the cute fox! {I made need to buy another!}
  • Video Baby Monitor-Listening to your baby is mandatory. You have to be able to hear him when he is in his crib. However, being able to see your baby in his crib, will give you immense peace of mind. Absolutely worth it.
  • Puj Tub baby bath–I didn’t have this for my first three kiddos. I had the big bulky bath tub that I had to find a place to store, and then lug it out of the closet each time I wanted to use it. Or I stored it in the bathtub, and it was always in the way when anyone other than baby needed to bathe. With baby number four, I have a puj tub, and it’s one of my favorite things! It easily folds into the sink for a soft cozy baby bath. I hang it on a Command hook in the shower when I’m not using it. It unfolds flat, so it virtually takes up no space at all. It’s amazing! Baby loves it, and I love it! Plus, I don’t have to break my back bathing baby in the big tub, so it’s a win, win all around!

  • Nursing Cover-I chose to breastfeed my four babies, and I also chose to use a cover in public. These are better than just a blanket because they go around your neck to prevent baby from pulling it off. It brought me peace of mind when nursing in public. This particular cover is also versatile and can be used in the shopping cart, covering your carseat in colder weather, and of course an adorable accessory for mom. So cute!

  • Ergobaby Carrier-Having a way to safely carry my baby and remain mostly hands free has been a game changer. When baby is fussy, but there is still lunch to be prepared for the other kiddos, the Ergo saves the day. When we head to church at baby’s nap time, baby falls right to sleep in the Ergo! It is ergonomically safe for baby, and distributes weight evenly while mom or dad is carrying. Love the Ergo!

  • Crib sheets/Waterproof Mattress Protector-Here is one of my favorite baby hacks! Be sure to register for at least TWO mattress protectors. Here’s what you’re going to do: Place the mattress protector on the mattress and cover with the fitted crib sheet. Now, place the second mattress protector over the sheet, followed by the second crib sheet. Why? Because when baby inevitably poops, pees, or pukes on the mattress in the middle of the night, you won’t have to change the sheets! You can just pull of a layer of each, and have the second layer waiting in the wings. I love this trick, and just HAD to share it with you!
  • Pack n Play-For my first babies, we used the pack n play with a basinet option in our bedroom. I loved that it had a changing station for middle of the night diaper changes. Once baby is sleeping in his own room, you may not use this every day, but it is so helpful if you ever plan to travel with your little one any time those first few years. I actually leave ours up in the living room all the time, so that I have a safe place to put baby to play for a few moments with some toys while I do the dishes or fold a load of laundry!

  • Temporal Thermometer-This was a life saver when I needed to know if baby had a fever. It was easy to use and gave me peace of mind when I needed to know if baby’s temperature was rising. It’s something many people forget to register for, but it’s so helpful! It’s one of the few things you’ll continue to use for YEARS to come!

Now that you know a few of my favorite things, here are some things you can do without…


You can skip these baby items…

  1. Baby Wipe Warmer-Nope. They don’t have these in the hospital, and my babies never seemed to mind. They were always room temperature, and a warmer just seemed like one more thing to purchase, plug in, refill…and I just didn’t want to mess with it.
  2. Bottle Warmer-Although I breastfed my babies, they did take bottles on occasion. We warmed those bottles in a cup of warm water. {Check out what the CDC recommends here}. For us, the bottle warmer was something we could live without.
  3. Themed Crib Bedding–As it turns out, you shouldn’t put most of that in the crib anyways. You basically need a mattress cover and a crib sheet. Your baby shouldn’t have a crib bumper {if it isn’t breathable} or a comforter in the crib because of the increased risk of SIDS. I recommend you just stick to the basics: crib sheets, mattress protector. Then purchase whatever nursery decor you love to personalize baby’s room. The themed bedding isn’t as necessary as it seems. You can always get baby a nice breathable muslin blanket later when he/she turns one.
  4. Mobile-The mobile seems nice in the beginning for baby to stare at and listen to. However, as soon as baby can sit up in the crib, it becomes something he can grab and pull on. I recommend a projector with sound that will project light images on the ceiling for baby to see, but you can leave it on the table next to the crib, out of baby’s reach.
  5. A Bassinet-Like I said above, I recommend the Rock N Play sleeper over the bassinet because it can be moved throughout your home as needed. You can set baby up in the kitchen while you wash dishes, or even in the bathroom while you take a shower. If you get the Pack N Play, it can also take the place of the bassinet, and is much more versatile.
  6. Newborn Shoes-Not everyone will agree with me, but I think newborn shoes are more of a hassle. They are often difficult to get on, and then they eventually get kicked off. With all four of mine, I skipped the shoes until they were a bit older.
  7. An Actual Changing Table-We have a diaper changing station set up on baby’s actual dresser, rather than purchasing an additional piece of furniture that will no longer be needed after potty training. We just needed the changing pad and a couple of changing pad covers. Once baby is potty trained and it’s no longer needed, we just get rid of the pad and aren’t left with an unwanted piece of furniture.
  8. Baby Scented Laundry Detergent-We just buy free and clear laundry detergent so we can use the same thing for the whole family.
  9. Every. Single. Gadget. You don’t need all the things. My advice would be to choose one large play item. Basically, we have a jumperoo for baby to jump in.He rotates between playing with toys in his high chair, rolling around on the floor with toys and books, and jumping in his jumper, and playing in the Pack n Play. I simply do not have the room to house every new piece of baby equipment out there. My suggestion would be to pick one thing to invest in, and then watch baby love it. He’ll really have no idea what he’s missing.

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What would you add to the list? What did you love with your little one? What did you live without?


This post contains affiliate links for your convenience, which means I may receive a small compensation for purchases made through these links. However, these opinions are my own, and I only recommend items that I love!

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  1. Avoid sleepers with buttons! When trying to re-clothe your child at 3am or change the poopy diaper at 4am it is easiest to deal with a zipper than to try to line up all those buttons in the dark!

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